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Catholic Guilt

From: Mullingar

Active: early 80s

Style: thrash punk



Catholic Guilt are a legendary mid-1980s hardcore punk trio from Mullingar. Very few details are recorded about them and they are now one of the most questioned about punk bands of the era. Popeye was English and was sometimes hassled by local (Mullingar) skinheads for this. They were previously known as Teenage Riot, before Andy McKeown joined. Teenage Riot were pictured in Maximum Rock N Roll #12 in March 1984:

Pre-Catholic Guilt band Teenage Riot

Catholic Guilt played many gigs in the Old Chapel House in Mullingar, which ironically was on the grounds of Mullingar Cathedral. These gigs were really impromto sessions for friends and for fellow punks hanging out. The band played at the "Let's Get Serious 2" punk festival held at the TV Club on the 30 September 1983 which featured the cream of Ireland's punk bands at the time plus UK headliner Conflict.

A 17-song tape was mentioned in a scene report in Maximum Rock & Roll #12 (March 1984) but so far no copy has surfaced. 17 songs is a lot for one demo, so it seems more likely to have been a collection of demo and rehearsal tracks. It's existance has been confirmed by Dave Kelly, though only Paul Dolan seems to have a copy. A 3 song demo from a band rehearsal is also floating about and seems to be easier to find (good luck actually finding a copy!).

Another scene report in MRR #17 from September the same year described them as Irelands premier thrash band. This scene report was supplied by Gerry Molyneaux of Neu Carnage fanzine.

Catholic Guilt were slated for inclusion on Neu Carnage's 5-band international punk cassette EP. The other bands were Belfast's Toxic Waste, Capital Scum [Belgium], Vortex [Belgium] and Warriors of the Last Days [Columbia]. This never came out or not.

The scene report also mentions the band splitting for a few months during 1984 due to police harrassment and later reforming.

Catholic Guilt appeared on "Tour De Farce #2", an international punk compilation tape put out by Empty Records in 1987; and on the "Tour De Farce Vol.3" LP from the following year. Please note there is NO Catholic Guilt track on any of (NYC's) Big City Record's compilations. This is precisely the kind of disinformation we can do without!

Dave Kelly now runs the Mullingar Drum Studio (http://www.myspace.com/mullingardrumstudio).


• 17-song tape
K7 - self-released - 198?
More details needed please!

• 3-song tape
K7 - self-released - 198?
Includes "Bible". More details needed please!

• various artists - Tour De Farce #2
K7 - Empty Records - MT-019 - Germany - 1987
track: They Don't Fucking Care

International punk compilation featuring 41 bands from 39 countries including Vortex, The Stupids, Subhumans, Wretched, No Lip, Powerage, Inferno, Dezerta, Die Trottel, Rejestracje, etc.

• various artists - Tour De Farce Vol.3
International Underground Compilation.
LP/K7 - Empty Records - MT-063 - Germany - 1988
track: Boring Town

24 band international underground compilation on Joe Raimond's Empty Records label featuring The Apostles (UK), Raimond's own Doc Wor Mirran and a host of unknowns. This tape version was posted to the following blog: http://la-cantatrice-chauve.blogspot.com/2008/09/compilation-tour-de-farce-part-three.html where it can be downloaded (from http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V1W61V52). The download will take two weeks unless you have a premium account but it's worth the wait after all these years of mystery (and please send a copy to me if it completes!)


We need your help to correct and/or complete this entry. If you can provide more information about this band, have scans, photos or any other memorabilia we can use, or spare copies of any releases, then please get in touch.

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