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Aimen Cannon

From: Dublin

Active: 1960s-70s

Style: Pop


Aimen (Eamon) Cannon was an Irish pop DJ who became very popular in Ireland and was given his own pop TV show by RTE called 'Aimen High', first broadcast on 1 March 1975, which I can just recall seeing as a nipper. It was a Top Of The Pops style show which lasted at least series, until December 1975.

This single is a bit of a mystery. Printed on the label is 'An Immediate Records Inc. production' and the B-side track is credited to Steckler, Frangepani & Oldham - undoubtedly Andrew Loog Oldham - suggesting that it was recorded by Immediate Records, which would mean the recording dates from before 1970. Most likely it was recorded in London, but exactly who plays on it and why it was never released at the time is unknown. There is no mention of it in Simon Spence's Immediate Records history.

The A-side features Aimen speaking the lyrics of Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" over an orchestral backing. The B-side is a fine instrumental published by Essex International.


• White Christmas / Aimen Cannon Orchestra - Sounds Nocturnal
7" - Hawk Records - HASP 377 - IRL - 1975 - no PS

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