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From: Dublin

Active: 1982-85 approx

Style: Punk



Abnormal were a Dublin band formed circa 1982. They were simply called 'Abnormal', not The Abnormal, though inevitably they were referred to as The Abnormal. They were a fast punk rock band. They did several gigs around Dublin but like most punk bands at the time found it hard to get more gigs in a city that no longer wanted punk bands and where the number of venues they could play was small. Thy rehearsed in the same building as Paranoid Visions and Defoetus Attitude.

They were mistakenly labelled a "racist oi! band" in the scene report printed in Maximum Rock And Roll #12 in March 1984. This was undoubtedly due to confusion with another band with the same name (there were lots of 'Abnormals', most without the definite article). Or it may have been a copyediting error at MRR HQ (not exactly an unknown phenomenon in those days). The band probably didn't suffer as a result of this mistake as MMR wasn't the vehicle then that it is today, but even so the record should be set straight.

The Abnormal recorded a very good demo at Origin Studios in Santry, Dublin on the 9th September 1984. According to MRR #17 (September 1984), some of these tracks were intended for a compilation LP but this never happened. The same issue reports that the band made a video and this is true. The video was made with the help of Aidan Walsh. None of the band members has a copy so hopefully someone out there -- or Aidan himself -- can help locate a copy.


• The Abnormal demo
K7 - demo tape - 9 September 1984
Recorded at Origin Studios, Santry, Dublin.


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