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Wavin Records

last updated 30 March 2015
last updated 26+25 Jan 2015
last updated 16 September 2014

Wavin Pipes Ltd was/is a plastics manufacturer who opened a plant in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin in the 1970s. Most schoolboys of a certain age will remember the introduction of their plastic hurley during the early 70s. But Wavin also released some records...

These records were not pressed by Wavin itself. In most cases they were existing releases, mostly of traditional music and mostly drawn from the Gael Linn catalogue, which were simply re-housed in new sleeve designs. They were intended as promotional releases for Wavin customers, and inevitably found their way into the hands of many Wavin employees), but there is almost no information on the records themselves about their origin. There are no promotional markings on any of the releases, no "not for resale" or similiar texts to be found. In fact I have been unable to find any promotional or advertising materials relating to these records at all. Nor can I find any details of how they were distributed. It seems most likely that they were given away to customers in some sort of scheme but it's astonishing that no documentation demonstrating their origin has turned up yet. If anyone knows any more details about this, please get in touch.

When I started this discography we had six confirmed Wavin releases. Now we're up to eleven and there may be more. Unfortunately most of them to do not carry a Wavin catalogue number, so I do not know the order in which they were released.

At least six of these releases come from the Gael Linn archives, either straight reissues of existing discs (with new titles and artwork) or especially manufactured by Gael Linn for Wavin. The most desireable Wavin release falls into the latter category, namely the "From Lagan To Lee" album which collects rare Gael Linn single tracks and has a superb Jim Fitzpatrick cover. Calling some of the others reissues may not be strictly accurate, as these titles were probably still in print and available from Gael Linn at the time, such as "Clannad 2" which was re-titled "Ireland Traditional and Modern" for it's Wavin release.

None of these releases are dated apart form the original label (p) date. Only "From Lagan To Lee" caries a Wavin catalogue numner (WAV 6), undoubtedly because it was the only LP which was not a straight reissue of an earlier title.

Among the non Gael Linn releases are albums with only the faintest of changes to the original. This Wavin issue of Oisin's first album is housed in the same textured sleeve as the original ID Records issue to which it is identical in every way except for the Wavin logo printed [not stamped!] in the top left corner of the front cover. The "Top Of The Morning" compilation of Mulligan Records releases is identical to the original Harp Records issue in every way apart from a Wavin logo sticker across the front. There are no other markings on either of these records to distinguish them from the original label issues.

If anyone has more information about these releases from Wavin, please get in touch. I've contacted the company directly but without any success.

WAV 002	Seán Ó Riada & Ceolfhoireann Shiansach Radio Éireann – Mise Éire EP 7" [197?] (PS)
	A reissue of CEF 002, originally issued by Gael-Linn in 1960, in a new cover design.
	side one:
	Mise Éire
	Cogadh Na MBórach
	An Asgard Agus Sochraid Bachelor's Walk
	Óglaigh Na hÉireann
	side two:
	Luan Cásca 1916
	Cathair Bhriste

WAV 003	V/A - Songs of Sadness - Airs of Progress LP [1975?]


WAV 004	V/A - Moods of Ireland 7" [1975?]

WAV 006	V/A - From Lagan To Lee LP [1975]

WAV ???	Clannad - Ireland Traditional and Modern LP [1979?] foc
	A reissue of "Clannad 2" [1975], originally issued by Gael Linn (CEF 041).
	This Wavin issue is a Gael Linn pressings.



WAV ???	V/A - Timeless Craftsmanship  LP [197?]
	A reissue of Radio Eireann Light Orchestra - "Ceol na héireann" (Gael Linn CEF 019) [1968-69]
	with (p) 1970.



WAV ???	Oisin - s/t LP [197?]
	A reissue of the self-titled Oisin debut LP, originally issued on ID Records (IDLP 2006) [1976]. 
	Apart from the Wavin logo printed on to the front cover, it is identical to the ID issue except it has the
	later silver ID label rather than the earlier red label. This logo is not over-printed, 
	it is part of the original printing, i.e. they are not over-printed ID leftovers.
	This reissue presumably pre-dates the Tara Records reissue of 1980. 

WAV ???	v/a - The Pipes, The Pipes Are Calling: A Medley Of Irish Traditional Music LP [197?]
	This album features a cartoon cover by Rowel Friers which carries no information whatsoever about
	the disc it encloses, namely the Rex Records release SPR 1016 - "Siamsa Tire/The National Folk Theatre 
	of Ireland", originally released in 1976. 

WAV ???	Ferdia - A Sigh For The Old Times LP [197?]
	Originally issued by Polydor in 1978, 

WAV ???	The Artane Boys Band - All Ireland Favourites LP [1975]
	Originally released on the Evergreen label (DRLP 004). The cover shows scenes of a GAA
	match at Croke Park. The Artane Boys Band was stronly associated with Croke Park and the GAA.

WAV ???	v/a - Top Of The Morning [1980]
	Standard issue of Harp HPE 607 with a Wavin sticker on the front and back cover.
	Compilation culled from the Mulligan archive.

thanks to John Fry and Alistair Banfield

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