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Velvet Records

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Velvet Records, 16 Bridge Street, Cavan, Ireland.

Label launched in 1971 by Jimmy Smith of the Mighty Avons. The label confined itself to Country & Irish for the most part. VE035 by Brotherly Love was a pop single written and produced by John D'Ardis.


VE.001	Tommy Fee & The Cajun Sound - The Engineer's Child / Home Sweet Home [1971]
VE.002	Jim Leanord And The Annalees - O Mary Dear // Canadian Pacific / Smoke Along The Track [1971] Arr. Noel Kelehan
VE.004	Gene Stuart & The Mighty Avons - I'd Rather Love And Lose You / I Wish I Had A Nickel [1971]
VE.006	Evelyn & The Envoys - Just Someone I Used To Know / Each Season Changes You
VE.007	Paddy McDevitt & The Northern Lights - Little Isle of Green / A Little Guy Called Joe / Take Care of the Little Things [1971]
VE.008	Gloria & The Cascades - Punish Me Tomorrow / LA International Airport  [1971]
VE.009	Gene Stuart & The Mighty Avons - Don't Go / Santa Domingo [1971]


VE.010	Brendan Quinn - She's Such A Beauty / Help Me Make It Through the Night [1971]
VE.011	Brian Harkin & The Annaleers - This Is My Year For Mexico / Shelley's Winter Love
VE.012	Des Wilson & Big Country - Dear Dundalk / Average People
VE.013	Brendan Quinn & Cades County - In The Arms Of A Heartache / Don't Take Her She's All I Got [1972] (PS)
VE.014	Gene Stuart & The Mighty Avons - Kiss An Angel Good Morning / Wings of A Dove [1972] (PS)
VE.015	Pat Ely & The Rocky Tops - Happy Heart / Cherokee Swing (featuring George Kaye) [1972]
VE.016	Des Wilson & Big Country - I Know One / In My World [1972]
VE.017	The Rocky Tops - Rocky Top / Walk Me To the Door
VE.018	Brendan Quinn & Cades County - Four In The Morning / Silver-Tongued Devil & I [1972]
VE.019	Bill Quinn - Rambling Rose / Four Walls
VE.020	Brotherly Love - My Kind of Girl / 21st Rock Jig  [1972]
VE.021	Jimmy Smith & The Mighty Avons - Ballad of A Hillbilly / The Ring On Your Finger [1972]


VE.022	Frank Coll & The Big Valley - Shelley's Winter Love / Come Right In and Sit Right Down [1972]
VE.023	Hugh McLean & The Envoys - Santa and the Kids / Louisiana Man  [1972]
VE.024	Gene Stuart - The Souvenir Hits of .. EP [1972]
	tracks: Come On Home and Sing the Blues To Daddy / I'd Rather Love and Lose You / The Longer You Wait / I'm Just Lucky I Guess
VE.025	Terry Donnelly - They Made It 21 / The Faughs Team Castleblayney - Faughs Victory Song [1972] both sides backing by The Good Time Charlies
VE.026	Gene Stuart & The Mighty Avons - To See My Angel Cry / Papa's Wagon [1973] (PS)
VE.027	Tommy Fee and Cajun Sound - Seven Years Without A Wonderful Woman / A House Without Love [1973]
VE.028	The Moogies - The Curragh of Kildare / Down On The Corner (Fogarty) [1973]
VE.029	Brendan Quinn & Cades County - My Hang Up Is You / You've Got
VE.030	Evelyn & The Envoys - Walk Through This World With Me / Song To Sing
VE.031	Doc Carroll & The Nightrunners - Little Suzie / My Little Friend [1973]
VE.032	Frank Coll & The Big Valley - Today I Started Loving You Again / The Fugitive [1973]
VE.033	Gene Stuart & The Mighty Avons - Talk To A Baby / Honky Tonk In Dallas / One Day At A Time [1973]
VE.035	Brotherly Love - Dark In The Dawn / Peace Of Mind [1973]
VE.036	Brendan Quinn - Ravishing Ruby / My Hang Up Is You
VE.037	Brendan Hughes & The Huskies - Muddy Waters / The Lord Knows I'm Drinking
VE.038	April & The Silver Pennies - One Tin Soldier //  The Brew / Yes Tonight Josephine [1973]


VE.0??	Gene Stuart  - The Longer You Wait / The Dark Side of Fame 


VES 101	V/A - Live At The Fairways Hotel, Dundalk LP [1971?]
VES 102	Gene Stuart & The Mighty Avons - This Country Is Not My Home LP [197?] some copies with poster

thanks to John Lynch for his help

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