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MPI Records

last updated 23+17 Sep 2018
last updated 30 July 2018
last updated 15 July 2017

MPI (Music Production Ireland) was a short-lived mid-70s record label with an address in residential area in Ballsbrige in Dublin, most likely the home address of arranger/conductor Philip Green, with whom the label is strongly associated. It was probably owned by him.

Philip Green was a British film and television composer born in London in 1911. He composed many film scores, most notably during the '50s and '60s (see IMDB) as well as TV themes and so-called library music. He retired in 1966 but continued to work into the 70s, by which time he had moved to Ireland. Besides continuing to compose, particularly religious themed works, he also has many arrangement and production credits from this later period. He died in Dublin in 1982. For more details see his entry in the Legends of Light Music series on the Robert Farnon Society website.

MPIS 5001 Kathy - s/t EP 7" [197?] (no PS)

An unknown singer named Kathy tackles four Beatles covers, arranged and produced by Philip Green.

tracks: We Can Work It Out / With A Little Help From My Friends // The Long And Winding Road / Penny Lane

45cat claims the title of this EP is "Kathy Sings John Paul George Ringo N' Bert", which derives from Willy Russell's Beatles musical "John, Paul, George, Ringo and Bert ". This isn't mentioned anywhere on the labels so I am unaware of any link, but if it's true this would suggest the EP dates from approx 1974.
MPIS 5002 The Silvertones - World of Peace / Handshake - World of Peace 7" [197?] (no PS)

Two unknown groups cover Philip Green's 'World of Peace'. Undated but most likely from 1974-75.
Production by Philip Green.
MPI 103 Philip Green - The Sound of . . . The Romantic 40's LP [1976]

Easy listening orchestral versions of many well known tunes from the 1940s. No performance credits. Sleeve notes by RTE DJ Val Joyce. Distributed by EMI Ireland.
MPI 2001 Red Hurley - Warm Red LP [1984]
Released on the Crashed Records label with an MPI catalogue number.

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