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Abbey Tavern Productions

last updated 24 March 2015

The Abbey Tavern in Howth was a popular venue for live traditional music. The first Abbey Tavern related release was on Pye Records, 'The Rafters Ring at the Abbey Tavern' LP, (NPL-18127, 1965) followed by three LPs for the Canadian Arc label during 1966-68. There's even a single on Hanna-Barbera Records!
The Abbey Tavern Productions self-released records began in 1970. All these releases are sometimes credited to the Abbey Tavern Singers & Musicians or somesuch amalgam but strictly speaking are various artists collections. Some later well known musicians appear on all volumes.

ATP 101 v/a - Traditional Music And Song LP [1970]
ATP 102 v/a - Traditional Ballads LP [1970]
ATP 103 v/a - The Spirit Of Ireland Traditional Ballads EP 7" triple foc
side one:
Cockles And Muscles
When Love Is Kind
Wild Rover

side 2:
Finnegans Wake
Biddy Mulligan

Music accompaniment provided by Michael Kennedy, John Fetherstone, Michael de Bruch, Liam Rowsome, Ciaran O'Reilly and Michael O'Connor.
Presumably issued in conjunction with Irish Distillers, as the sleeve promotes Irish whiskey.
ATP 104 Abbey Tavern Singers - The Abbey Tavern LP [1971]

Side 1:
1. Dicey Reilly
2. Young Emmet
3. Samhradh Samhradh
4. When Love is Kind
5. The Lark in the Morning
6. The Brisk Young Tailor
7. The Indian on the Rock
8. Henry Joy

Side 2:
1. Cockles and Mussells
2. I Know My Love
3. The Keash Jig
4. Red is the Rose
5. Building Up England
6. Mazourkas and the Boys of Ballinahinch
7. Biddy Mulligan
8. A Nation Once Again

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