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Toxic Waste

From: Newtownards

Active: 1982-86

Style: hardcore punk



DIY/Anarcho-punk band inspired by Crass/Conflict, associated with the Anarchy Centre and the Warzone Collective in Belfast (see It Makes You Want To Spit! for more information about the centre). Second vocalist Roy Wallace AKA Wally joined in 1984 when the band moved to Belfast.

They released a split 12" single with Stalag 17 on Conflict's Mortarhate Records in 1985 which helped establish the Warzone label. Both bands plus Asylum shared on a 3-band Warzone Collective compilation album titled "We Will Be Free" the following year.

Toxic Waste toured europe a couple of times before splitting in 1986. The Belfast LP was released posthumously. Roy and Marty later formed Bleeding Rectum.


• Unite To Resist
K7 - self-released - 1983
K7 - Red Alert Tapes - 096 - UK - 19?? - with booklet

• various artists - We Don't Want Your Fucking War
LP - Fightback/Mortarhate - FIGHT5/MORT28 - 1984

• The Truth Will Be Heard
12" - Warzone/Mortarhate - 014 - 1985
Split release with Stalag 17
1300 copies pressed.

• Live Darlington 1985
K7 - Red Alert Tapes - 064 - 19??
With uncredited bonus material.

• various artists - We Will Be Free
LP - Warzone/Mortarhate - LP-1 - 1987
3-band compilation shared with Stalag 17 and Asylum.
See Compilations section for full track listing.

• Belfast
LP - Belfast Records - 1987

Posthumous retrospective. Some tracks are apparently re-recordings by Roy Wallace with members of DIRT but I have no more details about this.

• various artists - Us Against Them
K7 - Liberate Tapes - 001 - Spain - 19??

Compilation of previously released material including the Epileptics, Omega-Tribe, Crass, Hagar The Womb, Antidote, Subhumans, Snipers, Post Mortem, Kulturkampf, Rudimentary Peni, The System, Exit-Stance, Lost Cherees, Conflict, Flux Of Pink Indians, Dirt, Barbed Wire, Poison Girls, Naked, Admit Your Shit - UK Decay, Sacrilege, Crucifix, D&V, Oi Polloi, Anthrax, Aoa, MDC & Nick Toczek.

• Studio Demos and Live
K7 - Utopia And Dreams - Mexico - 199?

Includes the Belfast demo + rehersals tracks, over 60mins in total.

Toxic Waste / Bleedin' Rectum - The Whole 9mm
CD - Rejected - REJ 18 - IRL - 1998
Studio discography CD


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