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From: Northern Ireland/UK

Active: 1971-72

Style: Rock



Stud began as a trio with Jim Cregan (ex Blossom Toes) (vocals, guitar), Richard McCracken (bass) and John Wilson (drums), the latter pair having split with Rory Gallagher's Taste on 31st December 1970. They were signed by Deram Records. Ex Family violinist John Weider joined the band in June 1971, in time to appear on the debut LP which was released to little acclaim. While the musicianship on show is top notch, some of the material lacks distinction and meanders too often. The LP sold poorly and Deram declined the option of a follow up.

The band had more success in Germany, where Polydor had released the debut in different cover artwork. After some very succesful German tours and TV appearances, Stud signed to the BASF label and released their second album "September" in 1972, housed in a memorable gatefold cover, but they split soon after: Jim Cregan left to join Family on bass in August 1972 and was later in Cockney Rebel and Rod Stewart's band; Richard McCracken left for the Spencer Davis Group. BASF released a posthumous third album "Gooodbye" in 1973, containing a live in the studio performance recorded in May 1972. Wilson joined Brush Shiels mid-70s incarnation of Skid Row, and continued to work as a musician based in Belfast, playing both sessions and live work.

BASF promo photo
l-to-r: Weider, Cregan, McCracken, Wilson


• s/t
LP - Deram Records - ??? - UK - 1971
LP - Polydor Records - ??? - Germany - 1971 - different cover
CD - Esoteric - 2053 - UK - 2008

• September
LP - BASF Records - 20 29054-9 - Germany - 1972 - foc
LP - BASF Records - 29054 - France - 1972 - foc
CD - Air Mail - 1548 - Japan -

• Goodbye (Live At Command)
LP - BASF Records - 20 29117-0 - Germany - 1973
CD - Air Mail - 1549 - Japan -
Recorded live in May 1972.

Stud formerly Taste: Poster for the Lyceum, Birmingham, Saturday 20th March 1971
with support bands Anno Domini and Gasoline.

See also: Taste

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