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Radio City

From: N.IRL

Active: 1983-84




Radio City were formed by Nigel Hamilton (ex Cobra, Tearjerkers) and Kit Wright.

Kit Wright was a songwriter and singer/guitarist with several Portadown-based bands active during the 70s, 80s & 90s, most notably Jasper and Hearts On Fire. None of these bands recorded. The lineups were fluid and there are links to other local bands including Tearjerkers, The Singles, Eclipse, The Keep, Midnite Cruiser and Cobra. Kit also worked as a promoter for a small group of local venues, booking many local bands over the years.

Kit Wright and Nigel Hamilton collaborated as songwriters on several projects from 1978-83, most notably Radio City. Nigel usually came up with the music on guitar, and Kit completed the songs with lyrics and melodies. Many of these songs were recorded as demos by Radio City during 1983-84.

The other members of Radio City were guitarist Davy Ewing, who began to contribute more to the songwriting from the second demo onwards, and drummer Steve Lathe, who played in Kit Wright's own band Primary One. Lathe later joined Enniskillen band Eclipse, for whom Kit also did some session work. Steve Rocks played drums on later recordings.

Kit Wright and Steve Lathe also played on the 1981-82 recordings of The Tearjerkers, i.e. the Dave Fanning session and the 'Fool' / 'Comic Book Heroes' single.

Davy Ewing & Nigel Hamilton later played in the Dingo Babies with two further Tearjerkers Howard Ingram & Paul Maxwell.

Many Radio City, Tearjerkers and Dingo Babies demo recordings surfaced on two archive CDs credited to Nigel Hamilton - see his page for details.


• 1st demo
K7 - demo - September 1983
Other musicians on this demo included drummer Colin Bell (RIP), who worked with Leo Sayer during the '70s, and Belfast actor B J Hogg (backing vocals).

• Downtown Radio Session December 1983
Live radio session at Downtown Radio.
'The Seamus' is a misspelling of The Shamus, named after the Burt Reynolds film.

• 2nd demo
K7 - demo - March 1984
4 tracks recorded live at Downtown Radio

• 3rd demo
K7 - demo - 1984?
With Colin 'Macker' McMullan (The Singles, The Keep) on backing vocals.
Philomena Campbell lead vocal on 'Everything Will Be Complete'.

• Radio City
CD - no label - ??? - 200?

CD compiled by David Ewing.

Nigel Hamilton - Sob Stories
CD - NHM - ??? - 200?

Eight Radio City demos appeared on this privately pressed collection of archive recordings credited to Nigel Hamilton.

Nigel Hamilton -Crocodile Tears
CD - NHM - ??? - 200?

Second volume of Hamilton demos and session tapes, including a further seven Radio City recordings.


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Last update: 18 April 2013.

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