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The Outsiders

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From: Dublin

Active: ca 1985
Style: Pop / Folk / Jazz



An album of songs by John Ryan, released in 1986. I believe The Outsiders was a studio only one-off project, with this LP the sole release. It came out on Old Mill Records. Does anyone know anything more about this project?

It features four vocalists who together with John Ryan are listed as The Outsiders on the back cover. The musicians on the album are listed separately. They include Bill Whelan (Planxty, Riverdance, etc) on piano, Declan Sinnot (Horslips, Mary Black) on guitar, Carl Geraghty on sax, Don Baker on harmonica, Philip Begley on piano synthesizer, Eoghan O'Neill (Moving Hearts a.o.) on bass and Noel Bridgeman (ex Skid Row) on drums & backing vocals.

"An album out of nowhere (or so it seems to me) featuring the songs of John Ryan. It's close to being nearly quite good at times but something about it is just wrong. Don't quite know what it is that's wrong but it has the feel of a potentially interesting project that wound up being stillborn."--DMR


• Walking On Ice
LP - Old Mill Records - LPOM001 - IRL - 1986 - lyric sheet

Notes: All songs by John Ryan (c) 1985. Produced by Devlan Sinnott and Philip Begley. Recorded at Landsdowne Studios, Dublin in December 1985.

See also: Honor Heffernan

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