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The McLynns

From: Sligo

Active: 60s-70s

Style: Folk



The McLynns family owned (and own still) a pub in Sligo Town on Old Market Street, where members of the family and other musicians played in traditional Irish music sessions. This led to the formation of the McLynn family folk group. They recorded an LP of traditional and contemporary folk material for CBS Records in 1970 which has started to attract the attention of collectors. The A-side contains traditional material arranged by The McLynn's and is reminiscent of the first MacMurrough LP. The B-side contains contemporary folk songs written by different combinations of the three band members plus Alan Zeserson, K.Zeserson and G.Kruez. The A-side is the better of the two.

The McLynn's appeared on RTE's Reach For The Stars talent contest in the early 70s. The reached the final which was broadcast live from RTE TV Studio 1 in Dublin on 21 August 1971. They also participated in the 1972 National Song Contest held at the Cork Opera House on 13 February 1972, performing "A Certain Sunday". They were accompanied by Alan Zeserson on piano.


• Old Market Street
LP - CBS Records - 63836 - UK - 1970

Notes: Produced by David Howells


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