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Hot Press & The Silent Knights

From: IRL





Hot Press is an Irish music magazine established in the late 70s by Niall Stokes. It fell somewhere between NME and Rolling Stone. Though the standard of music journalism in it was often poor, it provided decent coverage of the Irish music scene up until the early 80s, by which time it had started to become more of a lifestyle magazine. By the 90s it's music journalism had reached the level of the Sunday supplement.

Hot Press & The Silent Knights was Niall and Dermot Stokes backed by various musicians. The two singles are novelty records, a genre of which I am not a great fan. The A-side of the first is a good Ramones parody. It's included on Powerpearls 9 so you can hear it before deciding if it's worth the money you'll undoubtedly have to part with to secure a copy. "Born To Roast" on the B-side is as the title suggests a Springsteen parody.

The second single is harder to find but much less rewarding. On it the Stokes take their cues from Bagatelle (and Springsteen again) rather than the Ramones, resulting in a much less interesting single. The best thing about it is the cover.

The Stokes were musicians before launching Hot Press, having played in various bands during the 1970s. They recorded again as The Brothers in the 90s. These records are unlikely to be of much interest to fans of the earlier punk era records.

Discography • Born To Roast EP
7" - Mulligan Records - LUNS 734 - IRL - November 1979 - PS, 1000 copies
Spent 4 weeks in the Irish charts in December 1979, peaking at #24.

• December 24 / Santa Was A Trucker (Eight Reindeer Gonna Take Me Home)
7" - Polydor Records - 2078 122 - November 1980 - PS

Notes: The lineup is listed as:
Dermot Stokes - vocals, backing vocals, slide guitar
Niall Stokes - backing vocals, acoustic guitar
Mary Stokes - backing vocals
Jimmy Smyth - guitars
Andy Boland - keyboards
Donal McGrath - bass
Robbie Brennan - drums

• various artists - powerpearls #9
LP - boot

The Brothers

Dermot Stokes, Niall Stokes & Gerry O'Briain. Guests on the LP include Eoin O'Neill (bass), Robbie Brennan (drums), Davey Spillane, Noel Eccles and Mary Stokes.

The Brothers - Roadblock / All Gone
7" - Solid Records - ROK735 - November 1990 - PS

The Brothers - Torch
LP/CD - Solid Records - ROCK 6 - May 1991 - insert
CD - Cross Border Media - CBM CD ??? - 199?

The Brothers - Slow Dancing
CDS - Cross Border Media - CBM CDS 001 - 1992


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