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Dubh Chapter

From: London/Belfast

Active: 1985-

Style: Alternative



Dubh Chapter formed in the UK in the mid-1980s. 'Dubh' is the Gaelic word for 'black'. Sean Quinn was from Belfast (ex One Deaf Ear); Brendan & Dez Staunton were from Bradford, West Yorks, born to parents from the west of Ireland; both had previously been in Tea House Camp; Kevin Mann was from London but again with an Irish background. The new band was briefly known as The Alchemists. Their album was recorded in 1989-90 though many of the songs were much older, some almost 10 years old. It's a fantastic record of cool melodic jamming indie rock, perhaps with a touch of shoegaze but with a lighter approach and more nimble drumming (and excellent production by Steve Hillage). It is highly recommended. It sold well in Ireland but didn't do much anywhere else.

Live in London, 1990


The following was provided by JJ:

Arista in New York was very interested in releasing the second album but this wasn't pursed by E.G. for whatever reason. Whether this would have prevented the break up is a moot point. This material has surfaced on bootleg (If anyone can help me locate a copy, please get in touch). There is a (rough) live performance video in circulation.


• Happy Is The Bride / Who Decides?
7" - EG Records - EGO 52 - UK - 11 June 1990 - PS
• Happy Is The Bride (extended) / Who Decides? // Happy Is The Bride / Pain (Is A Warning)
12" - EG Records - EGOX 52 - UK - 11 June 1990 - PS
Produced by Steve Hillage

This single was originally slated for release on Big Life Records (BLR13) but this was cancelled. As far as I am aware, a Big Life edition does not exist. Then when reviewed in Hot Press, this single was listed as a Good Vibrations release by mistake. There is no Good Vibrations edition.

• Touch And Go / Sleep And Be Thankful
7" - EG Records - EGO 54 - UK - 1990 - PS
• Touch And Go (extended) / Hibiscus Town // Touch And Go (7" edit) / Sleep And Be Thankful
12" - EG Records - EGOX 54 - UK - 1990 - PS
CDS - EG Records - EGOCD 54 - UK - 1990 - PS

• Silence, Cunning & Exile
LP/CD - EG Records - EGLP76 - 1990 - inner sleeve
CD - EG/Virgin Records - VJCP-73 - Japan - 1990
Produced by Steve Hillage

Tea House Camp

From: Leeds/Bradford

Active: circa 1985-86

Style: Alternative/Goth



Both Staunton brothers were in this band before Dubh Chapter.


Tea House Camp - To Kill: Stab In Back / Poor Tom
7" - Real Men Records - MEN 001 - UK - 1985

• v/a - Just Say Yeah
LP - Tanz Records - TANZ LP 2 - UK - 1986


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Thanks to Patoba Ipririm & JJ for their help with this page

See Also: One Deaf Ear

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