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Sonny Condell





1968-69 -> Tramcarr 88
1996-75 -> Tír Na nÓg
1975-79 -> solo
1979-?? -> Scullion


When Tír Na nÓg split in 1975, Sonny Condell returned to Ireland where he recorded his debut solo album Camouflage, now widely regarded as Ireland's first and most important traditional & jazz cross-over album. He previewed material from Camouflage during his performance at the Macroom Festival of 1976, when he was backed by Supply, Demand and Curve. While he reputedly found some difficulty getting across to the kind of audience present (Rory Gallagher fans), he turned in a workmanlike set, remarkably free of the gaucherie he'd sometime been guilty of in the past.

Following a series of celebrated sessions in Dublin, he formed seminal group Scullion with Philip King, recording their ground-breaking self-ttiled debut album in 1979

1977 Mulligan Records advert for Sonny's debut solo LP


• Camouflage
LP - Mulligan Records - LUN 010 - IRL - 1977

• The Fruitsmelling Shop (Ulysses extract) / Down in the City
7"- Mulligan Records - LUNS ??? - IRL - 1979 - PS

• s/t EP
12" - Grapevine - 19?? - no PS

• Someone to Dance With
CD - Starc - IRL - 1995

• French Windows
CD - Hummingbird - 2000

• Backwater Awhile


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See Also: Supply, Demand & Curve, Tír Na nÓg, Tramcarr 88

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