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Paul Cleary

From: Dublin




Paul Cleary was leader of The Blades. In 1983, while still with the band, he released a solo single. Another single, "Stumble Into Love", was slated for release the same year but didn't come out. Instead, Richie Milkboy Taylor recorded it with Cleary's help circa 1984. When The Blades finally split in 1985, Cleary continued as a solo artist for a couple of years. An LP with Donal Lunny producing was announced for 1986 but this never came out.
Paul Cleary returned the following year i 1986 fronting The Partisans, incorporating more soul influences in his music. The band included Conor Brady on guitar, Steve Cooney on bass and Paul Moran on drums. The Partisans played their first gig on 27 June 1986 and were well received. They recorded an album and two singles between 1987-89, and there were many unreleased recordings ("Hold On To Your Love", "Birds of a Feather"), before calling it quits.
After The Partisans, Paul Cleary quit the music business for a while. During the 90s he fronted a live band called the Cajun Kings. In 2001, he released a surprise solo CD. As
The Blades legacy continued to grow over the years, Cleary seemed ambivalent about it, obviously proud of the bands work but seemingly uninterested in digging up the past. As the years passed, his attitude softened, and there have been numerous reunion gigs in recent years.

Conor Brady was later in The Revenants


• Some People Smile / What's That She Said
7" - Reekus Records - RKS008 - IRL - 1983 - PS

• various artists - RTE Radio 2 Presents In Concert
LP - RTE Records - RTE 92 - IRL - 1985
See Compilations section for full track listing.

This song was also recorded as a charity single by 'The Concerned' which is listed here.

• Stumble Into Love / ?
7" - Reekus Records - unreleased

This single was announced for release in November 1983 but it never came out. It was recorded with various ex Rhythm Kings (who'd split in August the same year) including Richie Taylor, Dave Moloney, The Lizard & Percy Robinson (ex Honky Tonk Hero) on pedal steel guitar. Instead it came out as a Richie Milkboy Taylor single on Revolving Records.

• Dublin City Town / Revelations (of Heartbreak) (live)
7" - Raytown Records - RAY 10 - 1986 - PS

Ray Lynam & Paul Cleary - Too Late / Wintertime
7" - Ritz Records - RITZ162 - 1986

Collaboration with premiere Irish country music singer Ray Lynam whose career stretches back to the early 1970s. I appear to have erased all memories of this single, so I can't recall what it's like. A-side written by Paul Cleary.

Paul Cleary & The Partisans - Impossible
mini-LP - Hotwire Records - HWLP 8507 - 1987 - insert, 7 tracks
K7 - Hotwire Records - CSHW8507 8507 - 1987
mini-LP - Magnet Records - MAG 5074 - UK - 1987 - 8 tracks

The Partisans - I'm Doing Fine / Partisan
7" - Magnet Records - MAG 317 - UK - 1988 - PS?
Two tracks from the Impossible LP.

The Partisans - Open Your Eyes / Partisan
7" - Hotwire Records - HWS 863 - 1988 - PS

The Partisans - Different Dance / Lost Love
7" - Trap Records - PART1 - 1989 - PS
Non-LP single.

• Crooked Town
CD - Reekus Records - RKCD3 - 2001

• The Ghost of Christmas Past
CDS - Reekus Records - RK CDS5 - 2003


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