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Blue Angels (Dublin)

From: Dublin

Active: 1990-c1995




In 1990, Blue in Heaven ditched their old set, added a second guitarist (Quentin Cowper), wrote a new batch of songs, and relaunched themselves as the Blue Angels. They released several singles between 1991-94 and an album "Coming Out Of Nowhere" (1993) which was produced by Jimmy Miller.

Upon their demise, Shane O'Neill and Dave Clarke teamed up with Dave Long (of Into Paradise as Supernaut and released a self-titled CD in 1997. Shane also launch the Dirt Records label in 1994. Declan Jones went into TV work. Eamonn Tynan resumed his work as a carpenter. Dave Clarke was later in the Black Velvet Band and Hothouse Flowers.


• Candy / Lucifer Sam
7" - Solid Records - ROC 739 - April 1991 - PS
• Candy / Lucifer Sam / Falling
CDS - Solid Records - ROCD 739 - 1991
#9 in Irish charts

• Get It Back / ?
7" - Solid Records - ??? - July 1991 - PS
• Get It Back EP
CDS - Solid Records - ROCD-745 - 1991
K7 - Solid Records - ROC-745 - 1991
#17 in Irish charts

• Loose / My Addiction
K7 - Liquid Records - LQC-6 - 1992

• All The Way EP
CDS - Liquid - ??? - November 1992
#23 in Irish charts

• When It's Gone EP
CDS - Solid Records - ROCD-766 - 1993

Notes: Title track from the forthcoming album, tracks 2-4 were non-LP.

• Coming Out Of Nowhere
CD - Solid Records - ROCD-12 - 1993
• Coming Out Of Nowhere
K7 - Solid Records - ROCC-12 - 1993

Notes: Recorded and mixed at Eden Studios, London. Remixed at Abbey Road. Produced by Jimmy Miller.
Additional Hammond and keyboards (on "Shooting Star" and "Loose") by Gary Hughes; cello and Pan Pipes on "Nothing Left" by Tony Hannigan; additional percussion by Jimmy Miller.

• Blow EP
CDS - Dirt Records - DIRTY-2-CD - 1994


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Last update: 24 November 2010.

See Also: Blue in Heaven, Into Paradise, Supernaut

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