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Belsonic Sound / Belson

From: Cork

Active: 1982-93




Described as "clear strong white reggae rhythm, detailed with fine-needle guitar and daubed with a wash of primary coloured keyboards". Post-punk reggae in other words, highly rated early on, and relatively long-lived as these things go.

Belsonic Sound began life as punk band Belson, with Finny Corcoran, Gene Russell and Con O'Donovan. By late 1982/early 1983 they'd morphed into Belsonic Sound Con left the band in 1983 and was replaced by John MacCormack, ex of Waterford/Kilkenny punk band Darkest Hour.

By late 1985 Belsonic Sound were a white reggae band under the patronage of Man Ezeke (of the Aqua Vita Band, now a DJ with Cork FM). They toured the south-west with Man Ezeke and Gene also visited Jamaica with him. The band became funkier and poppier over the years, pushed even further into rock/reggae fusion with stronger soul and funk flavourings by a change of drummer in 1988 with Colin McCarthy replacing John MacCormack. In July-August 1988 they went out on the Zeal And Deal Tour, their first(?) major tour. Of course Belsonic Sound played around Cork regularly throughout the decade, and were regulars at Sir Henrys, for example.

Belsonic Sound appearing on Visual Eyes in 1986.
LR: Finny Corcoran, Jim O'Mahony, Gene Russell, John McCormack.

They recorded several demos including "Positive Living" (considered as a single in 1986), "For Sale" and "Blinded". Apparently they recorded a mini-LP in 1987, but I have no details about this release (if anyone can provide further details, please get in touch). They appeared on Mega-Mix in December 1986 and Visual Eyes in 1987. The band signed a three single deal with Ringsend Road Records in 1988. Two singles emerged during 1988-89 after which the band split with the label. Jim O'Mahony left in 1989 and was replaced by Emmet O'Riordan. Original drummer John MacCormack also left and was replaced by Colin McCarthy. A third single "Modern World" was self-released in 1991 after which the band signed to a dutch label and released the "Trouble" album and a couple of supporting singles during 1992. They toured in Holland during this period. They split in 1993.

Finny now runs BPM Studios recording studio in Cork. John MacCormack (from Kilkenny) is now a sound technician based in London. Jim O'Mahony AKA Jim Comet played with the Dancing Bastards from Hell.


• mini album (title?)
mini-LP - label? - 1987 was this released?

• Colourblind (Where Is The Justice ?) / Icon
7" - Ringsend Road Records - BSS 1 - 1988

• We Gotta Get Out Of This Place / Seven Miles
7" - Ringsend Road Records - BSS 2 - IRL - 1989

• Modern World / Modern World (version)
7" - Glass Records - BSS 3 - IRL - 1991 - PS?
12" - Glass Records - BSS 3 - IRL - 1991 - PS

• Modern World [#2] / Sex
CDS - Fantabulous/Van Recording Co - 7243-1164-9124 - Netherlands - 1992

• Heaven / Yours Sincerely / Lowlife / Green and Orange
CDS - Fantabulous/Van Recording Co - 122910 2 - Netherlands - 1992

• Trouble
CD - Fantabulous/Van Recording Co - 74321 162902 - Netherlands - 1993
Recorded at Sulan Studios in February 1993.
Mixed at the Wool Hall Studios UK March 1993.
Produced and engineered by George Shilling.


From: Cork

Active: 1980-82

Style: Punk



Founded by a 15 year old Finny Corcoran while still at school in 1980/81, Belson were a raw punk rock band. The name was chosen for shock value but it was spelled Belson, not Belsen. The band had no neo-nazi affiliations.

The confusion surrounding their name occurred when the band played their first proper gig at the Arcadia / UCC Downcampus in Cork. They advertised the gig in a local newspaper (the Echo) who misspelled the name Belsen. This mistake would be repeated elsewhere. The Arcadia debut was preceeded by a dress rehearsal gig at the Cork Boat Club.

Belson recorded a demo tape reputedly similar in style to The Clash. I haven't heard it.

Belson became Belsonic Sound in late 1982.


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